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14103.30 kHz USB
10147.30 kHz USB
  7047.30 kHz USB
  5354.00 kHz USB
Day & Night
  3610.00 kHz USB

Live Link Europe

RPN Manual latest release
19NOV18       0500z

SCS Tracker FW 1.7 m (Mike)
was released by SCS. It includes a full new manual as of this firmware and update information.

APRSdroid & SCS PTC-IIIusb for RPR
Connect APRSdroid via Bluetooth to a PTC-IIIusb and enjoy the RPN.
Init String for TNC (KISS):
pska 800
tones 4
baud r300
You may want to adjust the 800mV when AF-input (or MIC-gain) is already at minimum and ALC is not within limits yet.

ITS HF Propagation new version 2018-04-17 click here to download

XLX147A & TG24098 now transcoded internally
The AMBE3003USB board providing internal transcoding is now active. All D-Star protocols (DCS, REF & XRF) are transcoded towards DMR & vice versa.

RPN on Zello
For those who like to meet on Zello the channel Robust Packet Network is available.
Group type is Zelect+ to stay "private" (only licensed amateurs) and so have the opportunity to crosslink to RF at a later stage.

Zello channel Robust Packet Network

PACTOR Meeting Point
For those who like to meet & greet RPN members via PACTOR check 7046,3 kHz USB connected mode.
Stations standby at times: DO1HH OH6DL SA7SKY SV1UY

60m Band
5354.00 kHz USB in operation.
For latest IARU 60m band information click here

APRSIS32 portnames
Please find under Tips & Tricks a new handout on how to make status & DX reports smarter using APRSIS32. Or click here

New WHERE-IS query
New APRS request generated by K4FHK. Check page 9-10 on APRS Queries Handbook.
click here

SA7SKY-10 & OH6DL-10
are operating as RPN1-1 DIGI on 30m & 60m HX.
This service targets Northern Scandinavia. If you wish to be digipeated put RPN1-1 instead of WIDE1-1 in your path.

8 WhatsApp Group Members Robust Packet Network
If you want to join sent a SMS to
CROSS FOUR SIX 725488404

92 Twitter Followers @robustpacket

114 HAMs listed in the RPR-HF-APRS community

258 RPR Group Members on [robustpacket]

119 PACTOR Group Members on [pactor]

• R E P E A T I N G •

Europe 30m Random Stations in the RPN - max 20 by default

CF 14103.80 = DIAL 14102.30
CF 10147.80 = DIAL 10146.30
CF 7047.80 = DIAL 7046.30
CF 3610.50 = DIAL 3609.00
SCS Tracker Firmware

FIRMWARE 1.7 m (Mike)
TRConfig V.
& Manuals
SCS Tracker 'Facelift' including 5 Volt supply
Please use WIDE1-1 only RPN digipeaters accept WIDE1-1 only
Please avoid rx-only IGATES on RPN Please 2-way IGATES on RPN

Solar-Terrestrial Datas Maximum Usable Frequency [MUF] Worldwide

MUF Germany - Juliusruh MUF Belgium - Dourbes MUF Czech Republic - Pruhonice

RPR Signal Check

Twente WebSDR
Computer Version

Twente WebSDR
Mobile Version

Mobile Version
Twente SDR Check - Computer Version
Click the image
& for the same view follow these steps

❶ Frequency 10147.30
❷ Bandwith USB
❸ Waterfall view max in
Twente SDR Check - Mobile Version Twente SDR - Mobile Version - QR Code

Android best with
Firefox Mobile

Position Twente WebSDR
52.2380 N
006.8584 E
University, Carré Building

US-American Additional Frequencies
  3598.00 kHz USB - General Usage
  7101.00 kHz USB - HF SkipNET / BBS-to-BBS Forwarding
  7103.00 kHz USB - Network 40R / General Usage / Limited BBS-to-BBS
10145.50 kHz USB - Network 30R / General Usage / Limited BBS-to-BBS
18108.00 kHz USB - General Usage
21098.00 kHz USB - General Usage
28148.00 kHz USB - Network 10R / General Usage

North America
Live Link North America
Random Stations in the RPN - max 20 by default

South America
Live Link South America
Random Stations in the RPN - max 20 by default

Live Link Asia
Random Stations in the RPN - max 20 by default

Live Link Australia
Random Stations in the RPN - max 20 by default

Please join the YAHOO Group [robustpacket] and follow the debate about philosophy changes of IGATEs & DIGIPEATERs in Europe on the 30 meter band.
Please write your own ideas & opinions into that discussion platform and by that share it with everyone and build majorities.
Please do not write to the Robust Packet Network Administrator as that position is only a collector's role for results & informations.
Please find here as link some selected educational conversation