Robust Packet Network Reflector XLX147
    About the WHY and HOW of RPN's own D-Star platform

The Reflector is meant to be a special interest meeting point for Robust Packet Radio & PACTOR operators.

Although the awareness is present that the ham radio community is divided when it comes to digital voice modulation and the use of internet it nevertheless might turn out to be quite helpful for our world wide coordination of the net.

It opens the possibility to spot a HF RPR APRS station at far distance but at the same time having a chance to talk to each other immediately if D-Star is on board.
It gives sysops the chance to have a quick coordination of IGATEs & DIGIs.
It offers a "local" standby "frequency" for the RPN community.
It gives newcomers a possibility to receive first hand information and getting in tough with us.

For the time being all is in a test phase and if you want to use the reflector, you might need the following data to update DVMEGA etc.

reflector   XRF147           NOT XLX147 !

static IP

If you have a DVMEGA hotspot open the terminal window and go for nano /usr/local/etc/DPlus_Hosts.txt and insert XRF147 in the right sequence.

The HARDWARE of XLX147 can be seen below

Hardware XRF147

The solution is fully via LTE/4G internet connection in Sweden. But public IP addresses are not available in mobile networks. Therefore a single static IP address is hired from with a traffic of maximum 50GB per month which is about 5 times more than a reflector needs. A Fritz!Box 6840 LTE feeds the Raspberry Pi 3 which has the OpenVPN configuration to make the IP addressable.

Enjoy !