Data Voice Background
    Explanation on how components meet in one channel

RPN's DV Structure

DMR TG 24098
The Talkgroup 24098 is created by Brandmeister Sweden and has a bridge towards XLX147A.
The transcoding takes place via the onboard transcoder circuit board in Sweden.
It then can be heard as well by all D-Star participants (not only radios).

D-Star XLX147A
has its physical housing on the (right-hand raspi) and has a bridge towards DMR Brandmeister TG24098.
The transcoder circuit board (2 channels by DF2ET) is attached to that raspi.
PEANUT is an app and sends the transmission to the server of PA7LIM which then gives the work to transcode into D-Star to the requestor's responsibility.
It needs one AMBE chip to do that work and this load cannot be taken by David, PA7LIM for all sysops who like to be part of this feature. Therfore the left-hand raspi acts as AMBEServer having the DV30-stick attached with an AMBE3000 chip.
Thereafter the signal is proper to be send into the D-Star channel via PA7LIM-D. As of here it takes the path like any "ordinary" D-Star signal. All this goes vise versa of course.

Enjoy the possibility to connect to the Robust Packet Network community, even if you don't want to join digital radio in general. Please observe that no matter if you are doing D-Star by radio or not you need to be registered for it to be recognized as ham radio operation who is authorized to participate.

With all transcoding forth an back please accept that not every transmission sounds like HIFI stereo. The purpose is the coordinate our RPR activities ;-)